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Don Bosco Learning Resource Centre promotes a culture of broad inquiry and supports the patron saints' mission to discover, preserve and disseminate knowledge and creative expression. It engages with the ongoing transformations of society to deliver world class physical and digital content and services critical to research, education and outreach, now and in the future.







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Circulation policy of general books are decided as per the privilage of the patron. Faculty can avail ten books for a period of 90 days while students will get six books for a period of 15 days. They can renew it online (unless it is reserved) only three times in a semester. During exam season whatsapp and email renewals are permitted.


Photocopy is allowed for materials owned by DBIT Library. Patrons can copy the library materials within the limit of copyright law, for the purpose of private study or researh. Charges are 1.5 rs. for A4 and Rs.3 for A3. For printing you can mail the document towards forprint.dbit@gmail.com. Library provides scanning service @5 for A4 and Rs.10 for A3.

Typesetting & Plagarism Check

Autoformatting tool with 100% compliance to any journal's guidelines with spelling & grammer check. One can cite and order in one click with various Citation Style. Collaborate seamlessly with any number of peers and can export the document to MS-Word, Latex or PDF

Reference & Digital Library

DBIT library preserves its archives using Dspace software. Contents include Faculty publications, Past exam papers,Syllabus etc. With around 30+ networked PCs in the Digital Library, students can access the worldwide scholarly publications thereby improve their knowledge in their respective field

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I left with a wealth of information and resources that I refer to for years to come. The library staffs are extremely helpful

Chauhan, Dileep Student, ME 2020 Batch

After being around in this Institute, I definetely feed good about the Library and their service. Thank you so much

Sawant, Sushil Student, CS

When I got admitted in DBIT, I couldn't stop talking to everyone who would listen about the inspiring and life changing time, I spent in the Library Premises

Pereria PeterStudent, IT 2018 Batch

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